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LAMP Certification For Individuals

Join the LAMP Community of Professionals!


  • To develop and recognize LAMP competencies in individual practitioners.
  • Increase referrals for people who are interested in LAMP.
  • Access new information, support, resources, opportunities and research relevant to LAMP.

Professionals from different disciplines who apply LAMP principles and practices in their existing area of expertise (such as speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, special educators, psychologists, etc.).

Attendance at a two-day, or both the online Centre for AAC & Autism sponsored LAMP workshops is required prior to applying for the certification program.

There is an application fee of $490 to enrol and participate in the certification program. All expenses incurred in completing requirements are the responsibility of the applicant.

Acquisition of certification is based on demonstration of clinical or educational competencies through case presentations, written and videotaped.

For people in Australia please contact Leanna via email leanna@liberator.net.au or via phone 0424 662 728 to express your interest. Certification is granted via a mentoring process at the sole discretion of the Centre for AAC & Autism.

During the course of mentoring, competencies for implementation of the LAMP therapy approach will be demonstrated via narrative and video presentations demonstrating the following:

  • Incorporation of LAMP principles into a low-tech/no-tech AAC method
  • Incorporation of LAMP principles with high-tech AAC device and present a LAMP case study including videos and written information
  • Practitioners must renew their certification every three years by completing one of the following tasks (at this time there is no fee for renewal):
    • Submitting a new case study or update to the previously submitted case study
    • Attending one Advanced LAMP Seminar
    • Alternate activities as approved by The Centre for AAC and Autism (example might include attending or hosting a LAMP workshop, hosting parent language support group, participation in LAMP research, mentoring in the LAMP approach, etc.)
    • Presenting a LAMP related session at a local or national autism/AT/ therapy/or educational conference