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LAMP Certified Centres Of Excellence

LAMP™ Centres of Excellence


To develop and recognize LAMP competencies; to provide local support on the LAMP methodology; to support the development of the LAMP method through professional networking, sharing of ideas, and assisting with data collection.


Facilities that provide AAC evaluations, outpatient therapy, education, or other professional services to non-verbal individuals in the community. (Individual schools may be designated as LAMP Centres of Excellence but not the entire school district).


Maintain at least 2 certified LAMP professionals as full-time staff (at least one of the LAMP Certified professionals must be an SLP), have 20 percent of professional (direct care) staff LAMP trained, and regularly implement principles of LAMP into their practice.

There may need to be some flexibility in this guideline based on the particular circumstances of a facility.

If the facility has fewer than 5 staff professionals, it may qualify as a Centre of Excellence if the owner or director is a Certified LAMP professional, an SLP, and/or maintains an active caseload.

Also, if a facility offers several different programs but not all service non-verbal individuals, then a particular program may be considered as a "Centre of Excellence" if 50% of the direct care professionals in this program are LAMP trained. (For example, a facility may be comprised of a school for kids with various disabilities and an outpatient therapy clinic. If 50% of the therapists in the outpatient therapy clinic were LAMP trained including 2 LAMP Certified Professional, the outpatient clinic could become a Centre of Excellence. Similarly, if a school has one classroom for children with disabilities, then only the staff servicing that classroom may be considered.)

A six-month grace period may be allowed if a certified LAMP therapist leaves the Centre as long as one LAMP certified therapist remains.


  • Recognition for commitment to and excellence in applying the LAMP approach
  • Use of LAMP Centre of Excellence logo in advertising
  • Link to your Centre of Excellence on the Centre for AAC & Autism website
  • Access to network of LAMP professionals